Bottle was filled with ecstasy – manufacturer recalls 3-liter champagne

Two weeks after the deadly champagne frenzy, the manufacturer Moët & Chandon is recalling its 3-litre bottles!

This is reported by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. Project manager Harald Z. (52) died on February 12 after allegedly drinking champagne from one of the bottles. This was demonstrably filled with liquid ecstasy.

The reason for the recall: It is feared that even more drug champagne is in circulation! Specifically, a warning is given about bottles with the product number LAJ7QAB6780004.

The Dutch authority NVWA states: “It is not known how the MDMA got into these bottles. The NVWA can therefore not estimate whether more of these bottles with the hazardous substance are in circulation. It also cannot be ruled out that other bottles of the same brand are in circulation that also contain MDMA.”

In addition, the authority gave instructions with which one could recognize the drug champagne. The liquid does not foam in the glass, the MDMA has a reddish-brown color and smells of anise, it said.

And further: “Touching and/or drinking the contents of the bottle is life-threatening. This has led to 7 very serious cases of illness and one death in Germany. According to the manufacturer, there were 4 cases of illness in the Netherlands. In both cases, the bottles in question were purchased from a previously unknown website.”

The victim Harald Z. (52) drank from one of these glasses.Photo: Private

According to the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, consumers should call the police if they do not trust a champagne bottle. “Don’t try anything! Even dipping a fingertip into the liquid and tasting it can cause serious health problems even without swallowing it. Taking a small sip can be fatal,” the statement said.


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