Blushing that Danish female athletes have to wear bikinis that are smaller than underwear

Sunday, August 15, 2021 00:17 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The story took place before the opening of the Olympics and it is still a controversial topic today.

Right before the Tokyo 2021 Olympics took place last month, beach handball, a sport without an Olympic competition program, was the information that appeared on the front pages of world sports newspapers because of a hot side story. . A series of major newspapers at that time reported on the penalty of the World Handball Federation (IHF) for the Norwegian women’s beach handball team.

Women’s beach handball teams are boycotting the 10cm wide bottoms

The number is that in the bronze medal match of the beach handball tournament held in Bulgaria, the Norwegian girls refused to wear bikini pants as prescribed, they wore tight shorts. This goes against the dress code for women’s beach handball players and the IHF has directly fined this team 1,500 euros.

As a rule, the IHF requires female athletes to wear bikinis “with the edges of the bikini bottom no more than 4 inches (about 10cm). Men, may wear a pair of shorts, 4 inches above the knee, as long as they are” IHF’s contrasting regulations between men and women have created a wave of protests against “sexism” in sports.

After repeatedly petitioning the IHF to change the women’s dress code, the Norwegian beach handball team reluctantly did this in the silver medal match at the end of July and they accepted the penalty.

Not only Norway, the teams of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Samoa also have similar moves, they want the IHF to make changes as soon as possible.

The Danish Handball Federation, which sent a letter to the IHF, said it would not attend sporting events because it felt uncomfortable wearing a bikini. “Many athletes find it extremely uncomfortable to wear such tiny clothes, which are much smaller than the underwear they wear every day,” reads a passage from Denmark’s letter to the IHF.

Blushing that Danish female athletes have to wear bikinis smaller than underwear - 3

The IHF heads have not yet moved to change after the negative reactions from the member federations

“Some of our athletes when interviewed said that they always feel worried because bikinis can expose sensitive points, which makes it difficult for female players to concentrate on the competition,” said Morten Frandsen Holmen, coach. said the Danish handball team.

So far, the IHF, based in Basel, Switzerland, has stated that it cannot make any adjustments until its meeting in November. Hassan Moustafa, President of the World Handball Federation gender, requires women’s football teams to continue wearing bikinis in accordance with regulations until the Federation has the latest notice.


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