Bloody relationship act in Delmenhorst – man (34) kills rivals (23) in sports bar

Delmenhorst – Terrible act of violence in Lower Saxony. In Delmenhorst near Bremen, a man (23) was fatally and a woman (27) was seriously injured on Sunday evening.

A police spokesman spoke of two different crime scenes that morning. The man was killed in a sports bar in Delmenhorst on Sunday evening, and the 27-year-old German-Iraqi woman was critically injured in an apartment shortly before. She is said to be the suspect’s wife.

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One of the crime scenes in Delmenhorster CityPhoto: NonStopNews

Rescue workers took care of the seriously injured woman on site in an ambulance

Rescue workers took care of the seriously injured woman on site in an ambulancePhoto: NonStopNews

The police received the first emergency call shortly after 8 p.m. on Sunday. When the officers arrived at the sports bar, they found a man covered in blood – he too had an Iraqi passport and died on the scene.

Investigators cordon off the scene

Investigators cordon off the scenePhoto: Kai Moorschlatt / dpa

Almost at the same time, the police received a report of a second bloody act. In an apartment just over a kilometer from the sports bar, a woman had been stabbed with multiple knife wounds.

She survived with life-threatening injuries. Stefan Schmitz from the Delmenhorst police: “We are examining the connection between the acts.”

According to BILD information, the 23-year-old killed is said to be the wife’s lover. According to witness reports, the respective families attacked each other immediately after the crime and had to be separated by emergency services.

The police caught the suspect in Bremen. The 34-year-old Iraqi is said to be responsible for both acts. Apparently he killed his younger rival out of jealousy.

Public prosecutor Thorsten Stein to BILD: “The suspect was arrested without resistance in Bremen-Gröpelingen, looked helpless.” And further: “We are assuming a relationship act.”

It is now being checked whether the suspect will be transferred to custody.


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