Automotive: rehabilitation operation for plug-in hybrids

Yes, plug-in hybrid cars do a good job of limiting CO2 emissions. This is the message that most manufacturers are about to hammer out, in dispersed order, but with a common ambition: to thwart the will of the European Commission to ban the sale of this type of engine from 2035. Ford has started the ball rolling a few days ago with a press release detailing the environmental benefits of his Kuga, and other initiatives should follow in the coming weeks.

On paper, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs in the industry jargon) are ideal cars for customers who are reluctant to convert to electric. The double motorization makes it possible to travel long distances by thermal engine (removing any gymkhana to find a charging station), and to drive “clean” on short journeys, by switching to electric mode thanks to a battery with about fifty kilometers of autonomy.

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