Authorities warn against buying champagne – danger of poison with THESE bottles

The Hague (Netherlands) – Are there more contaminated champagne bottles in circulation? The Dutch food authority NVWA warns against “Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial” brand champagne in the 3-liter format. In the meantime, there is also a consumer warning in Germany.

On February 12, Harald “Tino” Z. (52) died, who had drunk from such a bottle when visiting a restaurant with friends. Instead of champagne, it contained liquid ecstasy, which was allegedly bottled by drug smugglers (BILD reported) and fell into the wrong hands.

Harald “Tino” Z. and his friends drank from these golden glassesPhoto: Private

Drug smells of anise and does not foam

The warning relates to bottles with the product number LAJ7QAB6780004. The liquid does not foam in the glass, the MDMA has a reddish-brown color and smells of anise, it said. The NVWA has also alerted the German Federal Office for Consumer Protection.

Seven other people were poisoned in the fatal mix-up. A 3-liter bottle containing the drug was also discovered in the Netherlands. There were four injured. Now it turned out that the two adulterated bottles had the same batch number (photo).

Both bottles bore the batch number

Both bottles bore the batch number “LAJ7QAB6780004”Photo: manufacturer

Both bottles were bought online. It is not known how the drug got into the bottles. It is therefore not possible to assess whether there are more bottles in circulation.

The authority urgently warns against bottles whose origin cannot be traced beyond doubt. “Taking a small sip can be fatal,” it said.


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