Atlanta (USA) – Dead after being shot in several massage parlors!

The alleged perpetrator has been caught, but his motive is still completely unclear …

Several people have died after being shot in massage parlors and spas in and near Atlanta! There are at least eight fatalities in three different locations.

The alleged gunman is only 21 years old.

► According to CNN, one crime scene is the “Young’s Asian Massage” salon in Acworth (Georgia). At least four people were killed there.

Robert Aaron Long (21) is the alleged gunmanPhoto: STW / AP

The sheriff’s office then searched for the suspect Robert Aaron Long, who was on surveillance tape at the time of the bloodshed. The alleged gunman was in the car and raced off.

The first crime scene in Acworth is approximately a 30-minute drive from the other two spas.

► The police were called to the “Gold Massage Spa” on Piedmont Road in Atlanta on Tuesday (local time) because of an alleged robbery. The officers found three dead there!

► The Aroma Therapy Spa is across the street. There was a dead person there too!

According to initial information, at least four of the fatalities were female and of Asian descent. There are also said to be injuries.

Hours later, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long was arrested 150 miles south of Atlanta. He is under strong suspicion of being the shooter of all three crime scenes.


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