Apple again achieved the number one title, leaving Samsung and Huawei behind in this case

The legendary tech company Apple has established its reign in the global market once again. For the first time after 2016, Apple has become number one, leaving behind the top company Samsung and Huawei in the global market. The company was able to do this due to its latest iPhone 12 series. The company launched 5G phones for the first time last year, which users liked very much. In the last three months of the year 2020, the company sold more than eight crore phones, after which the company became the highest selling phone company in the world.

Sales surge from iPhone 12 series
According to a report, Samsung was the best smartphone selling company in the world before the arrival of iPhone 12 series in the market. Apart from this, sales of Huawei’s smartphones have also seen a decline for some time. The reason for this is that during the Corona era, the US government had banned Huawei and because of this ban, the sales of the company fell by more than 40 percent. With this, Huawei has slipped to the fifth position in terms of selling the most phones in the world.

Samsung’s cell declines
Here, sales have increased due to Apple’s new iPhone series. In the last three months of the year 2020, there was a decline of only five percent in sales. At the same time, Samsung’s sales were down by 12 percent. Samsung’s cell fell by 15 percent in the year 2020.

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