Anti-heat with economical cost for houses in the South

Located near the equator, influenced by tropical monsoon climate, the South is hot and sunny all year round. Surfaces that are directly exposed to sunlight around the house accumulate heat, making the nest hot. At the time of peak heat, outdoor temperatures up to 38-39 degrees C, walls can be up to 40-50 degrees C, roof temperature can be up to 55 – 65 degrees C, even 70 degrees C. Much of this heat will be released to cause stuffy indoor air and hot cellar.

Hot housing affects the health and life of the family greatly. People are prone to sleep disturbances, respiratory diseases, exhaustion, heatstroke … Therefore, people in the South often prioritize looking for solutions to prevent heat for their homes.

Here are some home cooling tips, as recommended by architects and construction engineers. The more tips you apply, the greater the home cooling effect will be.

Minimalistic layout

Combining unnecessary objects and simple layout will make the wind easier to circulate into the house, making the living space more airy. Besides focusing on the use and layout of the interior, homeowners should also pay attention to the color of the furniture. Dark colors like black, brown or warm colors like red, orange, and yellow absorb more heat from sunlight than light. Therefore, if you want a cool house, you should choose cold, gentle colors such as white, mint, light blue … as the main color of interior items.

Planting trees

Not only creating shade, reducing heat sources from outside to the house, trees also provide oxygen to make the living space more fresh.

For a house with a limited area, you can create a hanging garden on the balcony, windows, or arrange small pots in the living room, a desk. For houses with large area, it is possible to design a small landscape of water, rockery, fake streams … placed in front of the porch, indoors or on the terrace to both decorate the house and reduce the effect. hot.

Trees help to cool the living space. Image: Freepik

Invest in cooling equipment

Investing a sum of money in cooling equipment such as electric fans, steam fans, air conditioners … is always a simple and effective solution to prevent heat. Not only cool quickly, these devices also allow to customize the temperature, the coolness according to preferences, environmental conditions.

However, these devices are dependent on power sources and require large costs, maintenance and effort, and high power consumption, leading to an increase in electricity bills. Not to mention, if continuous operation for a long time, the life of these devices will be significantly shortened.

Use heat resistant paint

Families can also cool down the house by applying heat-resistant paint to the corrugated iron roof and walls. This is a new cooling solution for the house, chosen and applied by many people.

One of the effective products for this case is the KOVA CN-05 heat-resistant paint. This paint has the ability to cool the house thanks to a special-structured paint film with double effects: it helps to reduce the amount of heat transferred inside the house, while increasing the ability to reflect heat from the sun.

“KOVA CN-05 heat-resistant paint helps reduce the surface temperature of the material from 8-25 degrees Celsius, the surface is smooth, easy to apply, and can be applied on both walls and corrugated iron,” said the manufacturer.

A longtime construction engineer in Ho Chi Minh City shares with its anti-heat effect, KOVA CN-05’s anti-hot paint contributes to reducing the home’s cooling power, reducing the elasticity of building materials when the temperature is changed. change. The product thus receives positive feedback from the host.

The color of the paint also contributes to the effect of anti-heat because the color is bright, pale and cool for low heat absorption, high ability to reflect sunlight. Not only physically cooling, the KOVA CN-05 heat-resistant paint also brings a cool feeling with 5 gentle paint colors that are loved by many people.

“New Year’s Day in the South is also a dry season with hot weather. At the end of the rainy season, my family will use KOVA CN-05 hot paint to remodel the house, both to make the house clean, beautiful, and cooler to welcome the new year.” “, Mr. Thanh, from District 7, Ho Chi Minh City shared.

Solve the problem of saving heat and saving for houses in the South

Diep Chi

Solve the problem of saving heat and saving for houses in the South - 2

KOVA CN-05 heat-resistant paint is a solution to cool the house by exterior coating. The paint film has a special structure with a double action: it helps to reduce the amount of heat transferred into the house, while increasing the ability to reflect heat from the sun.

The outstanding features of KOVA CN-05 heat resistant paint:

– Reduce the surface temperature exposed to direct sunlight by about 8-25 degrees Celsius.
– Increase the ability of heat release inside the building as soon as it turns off the sun.
– Anti-fouling, anti-moss mold, making the paint surface durable and always new.
– Helps reduce material elasticity when temperature changes continuously.
– The paint film adhesion well, helps increase the durability of the material

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