After AstraZeneca stopped: Hamburg reacted in a flash!

Hamburg – You have to be able to deal with a crisis. The health authority of Senator Melanie Leonhard (43, SPD) can apparently.

In just six hours on Monday, they managed to prevent the worst chaos after the vaccination ban for AstraZeneca.


► 3.15 p.m.: The Federal Ministry of Health lets you know by e-mail: There may be serious side effects with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

► 3:19 p.m .: Leonhard calls the vaccination center at the exhibition center: Immediately stop all vaccinations with AstraZeneca. Too dangerous!

4:12 p.m.: The senator and her state councilor summon the in-house crisis team. Central questions: How do we change direction now? How do we manage to ensure that all people who already have appointments can be vaccinated?

► 4.45 p.m.: First decision: There are no mobile vaccination teams for the time being. They are completely dependent on AstraZeneca.

► 5.15 p.m.: Mayor Peter Tschentscher (55, SPD) joins in from time to time.

► 6.30 p.m.: After a lot of math it is clear: We can keep many appointments when reserves are tapped, the time between first and second vaccination is extended, and no new vaccination appointments are given for the time being.

7:27 p.m.: The authorities are feverishly working out the details. Via the vaccination center, people should find out by appointment that the vaccination appointments will remain.

► 9:29 p.m .: The first emails go out: “Please come (…) to us at the vaccination center tomorrow. Instead of AstraZeneca, you will receive a vaccination with Biontech. “


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