Accident while overtaking in Salem: Young woman dies

Salem – A 24-year-old woman was killed in a car accident near Salem (Lake Constance district).

The police said she collided with her car while overtaking an oncoming car and was then rammed by the car she had overtaken. She died at the scene of the accident. Two men aged 24 and 28 in the oncoming car were slightly injured.

According to the police, it is still unclear who of the two was behind the wheel. Both of them therefore did not have a driver’s license. In addition, there is a suspicion that the 28-year-old was under the influence of drugs and the 24-year-old was drunk.

According to the police, the woman had braked and tried in vain to avoid the oncoming car. As a result of the collision, her car was thrown back onto the right side of the road and was hit by the minibus that she had overtaken.

Its driver was uninjured. The woman’s car overturned several times and remained on the roof.


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