Abuse in 28 cases: preventive detention required for judo teachers!

Frankfurt – The public prosecutor’s office pleaded in camera on Monday in the abuse process surrounding judo trainer Sven G ..

According to the indictment, the 54-year-old wearer of the black belt is said to have been guilty of abuse in 28 cases. He is also said to have owned 12,000 child and youth pornographic image files.

Sven G. is said to have molested seven to 13 year old girls between 1997 and 2015.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the acts of abuse are said to have taken place in a wide variety of places: in his apartment, with his victims, in the changing room of a primary school, but often also in the sauna, solarium, whirlpool and outdoor pool of the Rhein-Main- and Taunustherme and during judo -Courses in a shared bedroom in the Ronneburg.

Sven G. had confessed to the acts in camera.

Now the public prosecutor’s pleading called for 9 years in prison plus subsequent preventive detention!

The verdict is due to fall on Thursday.

Anonymous and free advice offers

You suspect that a child is being mistreated or abused in your environment? Have you seen something that worries you? Then you can answer (anonymously) Contact the “Sexual Abuse Help Line”: 0800 22 55 530.

Children and adolescents, Those who have experienced abuse receive support from Monday to Saturday from 2pm to 8pm on the “number against Kummer” 116 111. On the There is also the possibility to chat with the advisors on the website.

Anyone who has the feeling that they have pedophile tendencies will find a contact person in the “Don’t become a perpetrator” project at the Berlin Charité. There is free information on the website and on 030 450 529 450. Medical confidentiality applies.


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