A new catalog of fines is coming: It will all soon be significantly more expensive

Bremen – The federal and state transport ministers have agreed on a new catalog of fines.

It is not yet entirely clear when it will come into force. But one thing is certain: it contains a drastic increase in fines for violations of the Road Traffic Act (StVO).

A selection:

– The general stopping and parking violation will be punished with a fine of up to 55 euros instead of up to 15 euros as before.

– If you park unauthorized in a parking space for the disabled, you must expect a fine of 55 instead of the previous 35 euros.

– Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​parking an officially marked fire brigade entrance or obstructing an ambulance must expect a fine of 100 euros.

– Brand new: Unauthorized parking in a parking lot for electrically powered vehicles and car sharing vehicles results in a fine of 55 euros.

– Those who do not form an emergency lane or even use one themselves to get around faster by car must expect a fine of between 200 and 320 euros as well as a one-month driving ban.

– Truck drivers who violate the newly introduced obligation to only drive the truck at walking pace when turning right in town will be asked to pay 70 euros.

– The illegal use of sidewalks, cycle paths and hard shoulders by vehicles will be punished with a fine of up to 100 euros instead of up to 25 euros.

– Attention Auto-Poser: The fine for causing unnecessary noise and avoidable exhaust emissions as well as annoying useless driving back and forth will be increased from up to 20 euros to up to 100 euros.

– Whoever races has to pay more. The motto here is: the faster, the more expensive. The regulation for cars and urban areas:

  • 10 km / h too fast: in future 30 instead of 15 euros
  • 11 km / h – 15 km / h too fast: 50 instead of 25 euros
  • 16 km / h – 20 km / h too fast: 70 instead of 35 euros
  • 21 km / h – 25 km / h too fast: 115 instead of 80 euros
  • 26 km / h – 30 km / h too fast: 180 instead of 100 euros
  • 31 km / h – 40 km / h too fast: 260 instead of 160 euros
  • 41 km / h – 50 km / h too fast: 400 instead of 200 euros
  • over 70 km / h too fast: 800 instead of 680 euros.


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