A letter from a 10-year-old girl helping her parents buy a house

AustraliaBec Touzel and her husband bought a low-cost house, after sending the landlord a handwritten letter and her daughter’s pocket money.

In 2020, Bec Touzel’s family moved to Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. They decide to rent a house before they can afford it. After six months, the Bec and his wife began to investigate house prices, but Covid-19 broke out, with more people working from home. Families flock to Wagga Wagga, pushing up property prices.

The Bec and his wife fell 10 times to buy a house, but each failed because there were buyers at a higher price. They are more stressed when the December 2020 rental contract will expire. The landlord wants to auction the house back to get paid higher.

Bec’s two daughters are also involved in the home search. 10-year-old Abigail shows concern for her parents’ concerns.

Thanks to the letter and Abigail’s savings, the girl’s parents bought the house at the right price. Image: Bec Touzel.

On the last day of 2020, she wrote to her parents a letter: “Dear Mom and Dad, here’s money to buy a house and buy things you want. Don’t give it back to me, because they belong to you now.” . Accompanying the letter is 12 AUD (about 200,000 VND) that she saves by deducting daily pocket money.

Bec attached her daughter’s letter and money to the seller. “12 AUD is worth a lot when you are 10 years old,” they sent the message.

After the negotiation, the owner agreed to sell the apartment at the price Bec’s family wanted, even though there were other customers paying a higher price. The former owner said they also have two daughters and struggled to buy their first home. Her letter reminds them of the past.

Bec Touzel shared on social media on January 24: “For a month, we have been in a beautiful new house and are grateful for the generosity of the old owner for us. I will also keep the letter. she writes, hangs it in a frame and will remind her of it again “.

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