9 things husband and wife should do to be happy

Marriage will always be beautiful if you know how to nurture and take care of it. To keep the fire alive in your love life, there are 10 things you should keep in mind.

Always practice the “6 second kiss”

Have you ever tried to count how long you kiss your partner? Dr. John Gottman, founder of the Gottman Institute (USA), suggests kissing your partner for at least 6 seconds each time.

A six-second kiss is more emotional than a quick cheek kiss. Six seconds is long enough to connect physically with your partner, but not too long for you to miss your morning work. It shows appreciation and helps to strengthen the bond between you and your other half.

5 love languages ‚Äč‚Äčsummarized by Dr. Gary Chapman. Photo: Brightside.

Understanding each other’s love language

The concept of the “Five Love Languages” of gifts, care, promises, quality time together and physical touch, was created by Dr. America). These are the 5 main ways that each person wants to show and desire to be received in love. To make your partner happy, it’s important to understand their love language.

Can you help me?

This sentence is said to be more powerful than “I love you”. When you see your partner folding, cooking dinner, or mowing the lawn, there’s nothing sweeter than giving them a hand. Not only will work get done faster, but you’ll also score points for showing your partner how much you care.

With housework, the couple should sit down and talk to share responsibilities and support each other if possible.

Find deeper topics to talk about

Don’t just ask your other half “What’s for dinner tonight?”, “What time are you coming back?”… Don’t let the daily grind make both of you forget about meaningful conversations with your partner. deeper to chat, help promote communication and let both sides understand each other better. Topics can be family, childhood, present, future, health, life concept…

Talk less, listen more

When your spouse vents to you, instead of offering a solution, you can simply listen, because that’s what the other person needs from you. Emotional support through listening is just as important as coming up with ideas, if not more important than coming up with practical solutions. Acknowledge your partner’s problems and reassure them that everything will be okay.

Enjoy a quiet moment together

Marriage is not always about adventure or exciting days. Sometimes, it’s even quiet moments together. Sharing a common space and not doing anything particularly important is also extremely enjoyable and brings a sense of comfort. In those moments of silence, learn to appreciate each other’s presence.

Don’t treat with “stone” attitude or silence

Therapist John Gottman believes that a silent or “stoned” attitude is one of the biggest causes of a failed relationship. This behavior is equivalent to saying, “I don’t care what you’re saying”.

Instead of this behavior, share with your partner that you need time to think and calm down. Then, when the tension has subsided, return to the discussion.

Small gestures of love

Giving your partner a big, epic surprise is fun, of course, but small gestures help strengthen a good relationship as well. You can write a love letter to that person or give him or her a gift you made or hand-chosen… Your partner’s feelings will be sublimated when they know how much you care.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

When you are in love or getting married, the other half is your world but don’t forget to take care of yourself because of that. Stay in shape, eat healthy or take time for yourself… This helps to send the message to your partner that you always want to be the best version of yourself in their eyes.

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