5 unexpected uses of tampons

As a product for women, but tampons can save us in some unforeseen circumstances.


Sanitary napkins are sterile and highly absorbent, so they can be used as a wound dressing. In fact, doctors in the war used them when there was a shortage of bandages. They are even used to seal bullet wounds.

When participating in physical activities with many collisions and injuries such as roller skating, soccer, … you can also use tampons to cover knees and elbows.

Cover your mouth to escape the fire

If you are trapped in a house on fire, thick with smoke, soak a sanitary pad in water, cover your mouth to escape. You can also dip tampons in water, stuffing them in the door slits to stop smoke from entering the room momentarily. Of course, in this case, a large amount of tampons will be consumed.

Pure water

If you’re stuck in a forest and your only source of water is a stagnant pond, use tampons as a coarse filter. Although it does not remove microscopic dust, it also limits dirt. After filtering many times, you can boil it to disinfect.

You cut a part of the bottom of the water bottle, cover the bottle and turn it upside down. Cut off the bottom layer of the tampon, then place it over the water bottle turned upside down. Slowly pour the water over the tampon to filter it.

Absorb sweat in armpits and legs

When doing a lot of physical activity in the summer, using tampons under the armpits and as shoe insoles will help absorb sweat and effectively prevent odors.


The inner layer of tampons absorbs water well and retains high humidity. This is the right environment for seeds to germinate. You can wet a tampon, cut off the top layer and spread the seeds over. After 3-5 days, the seeds will germinate.

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