10-year-old Russian boy breaks the world record for doing push-ups in 3 and a half hours

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 16:07 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports News) A 10-year-old Russian boy caused a stir when he set a world record for doing push-ups in 3 and a half hours.

10-year-old Russian teenager doing push-ups:

10-year-old boy Ilman Khadzhimuradov is becoming a phenomenon of the Russian sports village. Daily spending hours jogging and training in the gym, Khadzhimuradov broke the world push-up record when he performed 5713 push-ups in a gymnasium in the city of Surgut, Russia.

Ilman Khadzhimuradov did 5713 push-ups over 3 and a half hours

Khadzhimuradov completed 5713 push-ups in three and a half hours and broke the old world record of 4784 from another 10-year-old Russian boy from the city of Grozny. Khadzhimuradov completed his record in one pass, never leaving both hands off the ground.

Khadzhimuradov’s coach, Amar Asadov, said his students prepared with great determination for this record-breaking feat, running at least 9 miles a day and doing about 3,000 push-ups. Khadzhimuradov has been preparing for a long time and his miracle has been watched and recorded by about 100 locals.

The city of Surgut witnessed a lot of sports movements for both teenagers and adults. Just a week ago a local athlete set a record to pull 15m on a 40-ton Boeing 737-500, breaking last year’s record for a 36-ton aircraft.

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