10-year-old boy saved his mother from falling into the ravine

BrotherAmidst the confused father, sister and sister were crying because their mother fell into the ravine, little Sebastian slowly crawled down to pat his mother and informed the rescue.

Last October, 10-year-old Sebastian Williams together with his parents and sister and sister from home in London started their vacation in Scotland.

That day, they walked up to Ben Cruchan, a 1,126m elevation in Argyll & Bute. At downhill, the weather suddenly deteriorated. The whole family is lost when darkness surrounds. While traveling, mother Suzanne, 43, who was standing a little shorter than the others, suddenly stepped down into the grass. She stumbled, ran out of breath, and fell down the mountain at the horrified expressions of her husband and children.

The boy was surprised and happy to be awarded by player David Beckham himself. Image: Mirror.

“She slid down the mountain so fast, her body was crushed and writhing,” recalled Derek, the husband. Eventually, Suzanne is stuck in a place near a river and a waterfall. Half of her body was submerged in water, the soles of her feet caught in a slit.

They were all extremely scared. The two girls sobbed. Derek tries to call for help, but the phone runs out of battery. “I don’t know what to do,” the man recalled, confused.

In the middle of that moment, Sebi crawled down the ravine where his mother lay, despite being prevented by his father. Around them are dust and rocks. “I just thought she needed me to come right now. She was curled up like a ball. I don’t know where she was hurt, but I felt the wound very badly and she was in pain,” the boy said.

Suzanne tried to get her phone to dial 999. But she was in so much pain that her 10-year-old son was the one to take care of the rest. He announced the situation, saying the position was stuck. Instructed to turn the flashlight on to make it easy for the rescue team to find, he followed. Sebi continued to hold hands and talk, hoping that her mother wouldn’t die.

“I told her about the wonderful holiday my family will be traveling together in Namibia, how we will ride tomorrow. I told her everything is fine and the mountain rescue team has arrived,” Sebi recalls.

The boy’s father could not hear what he said, but when the rescue team arrived, they told him, Sebi did a great job. “The boy followed the instructions, was very calm and polite,” commented one of the team.

Thanks to her son's calmness and courage, Suzanne saved her life.  Photo: Mirror.

Thanks to her son’s calmness and courage, Suzanne saved her life. Image: Mirror.

Suzanne was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow. She broke two bones in her neck and the kneecap was broken. After three weeks of treatment at a hospital in Scotland, the mother was allowed to go home.

Despite her poor health, Suzanne and her family recently raised £ 14,000 for the mountain rescue team. “Without Sebastian’s courage, perhaps his mother wouldn’t be able to do such meaningful things today,” praised Craig Sweeney, director of search and rescue company Prestwick.

After a full year, at the end of last October, famous football player David Beckham personally went to a hotel in London – where the Sebi family rested – to award the Pride of Britain award. Brave or extraordinary moves in challenging situations) for boy.

The rescue team on the mountain – the people Sebi instructed to find the way to save his family, nominated him.

“I heard about you, it’s incredible. It’s really an inspirational story,” David Beckham told the boy.

The moment of awarding Sebi is one of the highlights of the Pride of Britain Awards 2020, which will be shown on the evening of October 31, on a British television channel.

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