10 characteristics of unprofessional workers

Slow email replies, small chats, or being late are all typical signs of poor performers.

Emoji abuse

Employees need to refrain from sending emojis in work conversations with their bosses (even if they do). The reason is that the boss does not understand the meaning of the emoticons correctly.

“Even using emojis in emails can make your partner think you’re incompetent and take the job lightly,” warns career expert Penelope Trunk.

Everyone has a different relationship with their colleagues and working environment, but it is best to avoid this habit to create a more professional working atmosphere.

Continually making excuses

If you make a mistake, you need to fix it. No one likes a person who is always slacking off but often makes excuses for not being able to get the job done with silly excuses.

Anyone can make mistakes, what you need to do is deal with it and move on.

Empty desk

This may be the best way to keep your life private, but according to Trunk, not having a notebook or picture on your desk… shows bad work habits and implicitly shows you don’t care. interested in this work.

There is no need to display all of your life on the tabletop, but placing a date calendar, commemorative photo will enrich the workplace.

A cluttered desk is better than an empty, lifeless desk. Illustration: msnbc

Always come back early

Leaving 1-2 times early is not a problem, but they start to become negative if it becomes a habit. Obviously there are exceptions, but for the most part leaving work early reflects a bad attitude at work.


No one likes to be talked about and criticized about others only to make themselves look bad, especially at the office. If you don’t want to be known as a gossip at work, you should keep your stories to yourself and remember “if you can’t say nice things, don’t say anything”.

Slow email reply

It’s annoying to have to check your email outside of work, but it helps you to advance your career. By a quick and professional person who can answer emails even on weekends.

It is not necessary to be glued to a device to work all the time, but in this day and age, email and phone are the most common ways of communication.

Constantly on personal phone

No one is stopping you from taking emergency calls, but talking to friends and family at work is a problem. This also applies to texting and social media surfing.

And there’s nothing worse than chatting with friends and being caught by your boss. Therefore, personal stories should be kept outside of work.

No hair and makeup

Hair and makeup are personal rights, but you need to be more careful at work. Women do not need to wear red lipstick or smokey eyes, but need to create a bright, rosy face that shows vitality.

Many researchers on the subject of beauty have come to the same conclusion: attractive people are more successful. So consider waking up earlier and taking time to take care of yourself.

Women should pay attention to their appearance every time they come to work.  Artwork: ALBINAMUGARCHEVA/SHUTTERSTOCK

Women should pay attention to their appearance every time they come to work. Illustration: ALBINAMUGARCHEVA/SHUTTERSTOCK

Late to work

There will be times when you’ll be late for work, but this shouldn’t happen often. At first, your boss and colleagues may not notice, but when it becomes a habit, you will “fall into the spotlight”.

Eat at the desk

The habit of eating at the desk is not only unhygienic but also very offensive, although many people justify “eating while handling work”.

But if you can’t help but make a sound when you eat, you shouldn’t eat at your desk. Besides, the smell of food, letting grease splash on papers is very unhygienic. If possible, employees should not dine on-site.

Minh Phuong (According to RD)


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