Zwolle (Netherlands): Two people shot in McDonald’s

Big alarm in Zwolle, The Netherlands!

Around 6 p.m., at least one perpetrator shot and killed two people in a McDonald’s restaurant in the north of the city – apparently deliberately, as “RTV Oost” reports. The victims are said to be businessmen of Turkish descent, as the news portal reports. The police have cordoned off the crime scene and are looking for the perpetrator and possible accomplices.

An eyewitness told RTV Oost that the perpetrator entered the fast food restaurant on Floresstraat, sat down at a table and immediately shot his victims at the next table. Then he escaped in the commotion.

McDonald’s employees comfort each other after the fatal shootingPhoto: STRINGER/AFP

It is completely unclear whether the perpetrator is still in Zwolle (about 80 kilometers from Germany) or somewhere else. The police are looking for him with a helicopter, among other things. Witnesses should contact investigators.


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