Zoff about Meyer Werft: Greens want to grill GroKo

Papenburg (Lower Saxony) – Are there any more details now coming to light?

On Tuesday, the ports and shipping subcommittee of the state parliament meets in Hanover – and the Greens are demanding details from Groko about planned deals with Meyer Werft in Papenburg. The shipbuilder in the Corona crisis is to receive 20 million euros in infrastructure aid from the country. Money that is supposed to facilitate, for example, transfer trips from the Ems.

Problem: Where exactly the shipyard is hurting and what is hidden behind the savings program of around 1.3 billion euros – the family company does not provide the state with any information on this.

The Green politician Meta Janssen-Kucz is now also accusing the state government of having approved the shipyard for additional work for contract employees despite the planned job cuts (up to 1800 jobs). “From my point of view it is incompatible to send the permanent workforce on short-time work and on the other hand to let external employees work longer.”

In the committee on Tuesday she asked for answers!


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