Zero glasses remains at charge: “We are on mediocre products”

It was one of the flagship promises of the candidate Emmanuel Macron in 2017: the “remainder at zero charge”. This means guaranteeing full reimbursement to 95% of French people covered by complementary health insurance, dental or hearing prosthesis costs, and glasses. It has entered into force: since January 1, 2020, opticians have been required to offer 17 models of spectacle frames displayed at 30 euros, as well as lenses with prices low enough to be covered at 18% by Social Security and 82% by complementary health insurance (mutual funds and insurance). Objective displayed: access to quality care for all, boasts the executive.

But the reform has left a bitter taste among opticians, required by the government to achieve 20% of their sales under this so-called “100% health” regime and they have not succeeded. This Tuesday, April 13, during a meeting with the Minister of Health, the representatives of opticians were therefore criticized by Olivier Véran because of the failure to meet the objective. In a preliminary investigation, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) establishes that 60% of opticians inspected are in ” noncompliance “ in the application of the reform device. The Ministry of Health estimates the sale of 100% health equipment at 15.5% in 2020, even though the optical market has grown by 10% with 15 million pairs sold, according to the inst

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