Youtuber boxer who got punched and fell back still won: m 100 million dollars trying to escape

Saturday, September 4, 2021 13:11 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The victory of Youtuber Jake Paul is suspected of fixing the results, this boxer has recently announced his retirement.

Video of Jake being punched and falling over the rope, fans think this puncher doesn’t deserve to win:

The two most valuable martial arts matches in 2021 are related to the Youtuber brothers, it opens a new direction for future boxers. In the past, boxers used to organize matches through promoters, or companies, but the Paul brothers competed in events organized by themselves.

Jake Paul (centre) after the scandalous victory declared “about to retire”

With a following of more than 20 million on the YouTube platform, the Paul brothers used that influence to create a martial arts craze. Each ticket, television view of the Paul brothers’ matches is a record number.

After the fight between Logan and Floyd Mayweather on June 6, the 44-year-old boxer “Lonely and defeated” claimed he won more than $ 100 million and insiders likened it to a “legitimate bank robbery”. Recently on social networks, Paul’s brother also confirmed that he received $ 100 million, equivalent to what Mayweather got in the fight with his brother.

At the same time, many viewers shared a video showing that rival Tyron Woodley was dominant and had a punch that made Jake fall back into the ring. Many spectators complained that the match was arranged for Jake to win to create an attraction to legally “pickpocket” the audience.

“The boxer (Jake) was born in Ohio, competed in Ohio with 3 Ohio referees. Jake can’t lose even if he is knocked down,” an angry audience wrote.

One said: “He needs to fight a real fighter. A professional boxer. Not a UFC fighter who is only good with ground kicks.”

“I’m waiting for a match where he plays a real boxer and not a foreign fighter,” another said.

Youtuber boxer punched

Jake announced that he was “going to retire” making fans confused

After receiving criticism, Jake Paul confused fans when posting on Twitter with the words: “I’m about to retire”. It is not clear if Jake’s decision is real or just a joke, but the 24-year-old puncher continues to be “stoned”.

One wrote: “Haven’t fought a real boxer, only played with old men. A career without any glory.”

“Comparison with both Mike Tyson, Ali but in reality is just a loser,” another wrote.

Jake’s boxing career is summarized by fans in a way that has never been beaten by a boxer: “Win a former soccer player, beat an NBA basketball player, won a wrestler and just defeated a former MMA fighter.”


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(Sports news, martial arts news) Youtuber boxer revealed that he earned $ 100 million in the last match, this amount is enough…


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