Youtube boxers lowered their hands to professional punches, flooded with mountains of money

Monday, April 19, 2021 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The puncher has more than 20 million fans, showing that he is more than just a star on social networks.

Jake Paul is a social network star (his Youtube channel currently has more than 20 million followers), but this man beat professional boxers. In the new match last weekend at the Triller Fight Club event, Georgia (USA), the puncher who challenged Floyd Mayweather had a knock-out victory over Ben Askren.

Paul (yellow pants) won the third match of his career

Askren, 36, used to be an MMA fighter, Kickboxing and played 14 boxing matches. He used to hold the WBA Light Welterweight Boxing Belt in 2019 and the temporary WBC Light Welterweight belt in 2018.

There is a monumental record, but what Askren shows is very disappointing. The competition was lackluster, without many precise blows, the former boxing champion was beaten by his juniors born in 1997 in the eighth half.

Youtube boxers lowered their hands to professional punches, & # 34; flooded in mountains of money & # 34;  - 3

Paul created the match with a television value of up to 1,700 billion VND

The third win of his career helped Paul win $ 690,000 (nearly 16 billion) and Ben Askren received $ 500,000 (equivalent to 11 billion VND). In addition, the total revenue of PPV (to buy the pay TV copyright) is up to 1.5 million times, equivalent to 75 million USD (1,700 billion VND).

This amount will be divided between the organizers and the two boxers. So after the last Boxing match, two punchers have made a lot of money.

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