Your Iphone and Android battery is not giving backup, try this trick

Smartphone Battery Backup Tricks: When you decide to buy a new phone, you check all the essential things like new processor, HD camera, good sound, long lasting battery. You have bought a phone with the best battery option, but still its battery is draining very quickly? Well, it happens. However, over the years, smartphones have come a long way in terms of almost everything, including battery life. Apart from this, new technology has added some great things like fast charging, which has improved a lot for the users. In fact, you won’t see people roaming around power banks anymore, but there are certainly some problems due to which the phone’s battery drains too fast.

Do not use Vibration

Vibration consumes more battery power than ring tone. You may prefer to have a light vibration while typing or receiving notification of a message or call, but it consumes good amount of battery power. Turning it off can significantly increase the battery life of your smartphone.

use dark theme

Surprisingly, Black Wallpaper can save your smartphone’s battery life! If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, then using dark wallpaper can save your battery life. It is a fact that the pixels in an AMOLED display take battery power only for colors and no power is needed for dark.

Close apps when not in use

We know that Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data (hotspot to share internet) come in essential features of a smartphone, but these features mostly drain the battery. Turn it off when not in use, especially when your battery is running out. Turning on Battery Save Mode and even Airplane Mode during low battery power can help you make the battery last longer.

keep auto update off

Many apps, including Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp, continuously auto-sync data for new updates, but remember, the more back-end work is going on in your smartphone, the more it will take up your battery power. You can turn it off simply by going to Settings, Google Account, and turning off auto-sync for any apps you don’t need to update constantly.

Do not keep unnecessary things on the screen

Prefer to see all the information on your display? Then the widget should be one of your favorite features. But it consumes the battery power of your smartphone. You can remove unnecessary widgets to save battery life of your smartphone.

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