Young Vietnamese billiards star dramatically wins American player who attended the World Cup World

Saturday, June 26, 2021 13:13 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, billiards news) Bao Phuong Vinh had a dramatic victory when he competed against American player Alain Henandez.

Phuong Vinh’s excellent shots against Alain Henandez (Source: Minh Dien Billiards)

Although it is only a friendly match, the competition between the top young talent of the Vietnamese 3-band carom village Bao Phuong Vinh and Alain Henandez, which took place on the morning of June 25, still attracts a large number of followers. in the context that domestic and international tournaments are currently quiet.

Phuong Vinh continuously won in international online friendly matches

Henandez is an American mechanic. He went to Vietnam to attend the 2018 Ho Chi Minh City World Cup. This online match takes place in the format of cumulative points, playing up to 50 points.

Phuong Vinh got off to a good start with a 7-0 lead after three first legs. After a few minutes of misalignment, Henandez quickly caught up with the match to level the 11-11 gap. In turn, the American muscleman took the lead 16-12 with a beautiful 5-point muscle line.

In the next minutes, Henandez scored fairly evenly to maintain the lead and ended the first half with a score advantage of 25-21 after 9 innings.

At the beginning of the second half, in front of Phuong Vinh’s pursuit, Henandez could not maintain stability in his shots. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the representative of Vietnam leveled the gap and put the match in a rather attractive position of score.

In the late game, Henandez showed signs of being out of breath while Phuong Vinh still kept the necessary concentration. Thanks to that, the young star of Vietnam won the final 50-41 after 21 turns. This is Phuong Vinh’s second international victory in recent times.

Before that, the 26-year-old player beat the world No. 1 female player Therese Klompenhouwer also in an online friendly match in early June.

Bao Phuong Vinh is considered as the brightest talent of Vietnamese carom billiards with strong progress in recent times. Not only has many impressive achievements in movement tournaments, the 26-year-old player has won his first participation in the national finals in 2021.


Vietnam's young billiards star twice defeated the

(Sports news, billiard news) Young talent Bao Phuong Vinh has a commendable performance in the confrontation with the No. 1 female player…


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