Young graduate, Camille had postponed her entry into the job market. But the situation “is worse than last year”

Remember: at the end of August 2020, “l’Obs” interviewed Camille, a bubbly young woman of 24, a student in Montpellier in international management of SMEs and SMIs, as part of a series on young graduates. She then told us her doubts and her hopes, a few days before entering a labor market upset by the Covid-19 crisis.

Faced with an uncertain job market, and the threat of a second wave at the time, Camille had opted for the so-called solution of “backing up to better jump”. Between September and December, she therefore stuck to the battle plan she had imagined and had chosen to complete her internship at the CCI du Gard, interrupted by the first confinement.

“It’s more stuffy than in September”

The idea was to extend my internship and see in January what was going. I was very optimistic », She explains to« Obs ». Too much

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