You have also got the alert of storage full, increase the space in your smartphone in these ways

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives these days. From office to shopping and from studies to entertainment, all the work is now done by smartphone. This is the reason why our smartphones are filled with different types of apps and then the problem of space comes in the phone.

You must have faced this problem at some time or the other, when you are trying to make a photo or video and you get an alert of low storage. Today we will tell you how to increase the storage of your phone.

remove such apps
If you want to reduce the storage on the phone immediately, then delete those apps which are taking more space and which you do not use much.

delete photos and videos

  • Check photos and videos by going to the gallery.
  • Delete unnecessary photos and videos.
  • Delete unnecessary photos and videos on WhatsApp too.
  • If you delete the forwarded videos and photos from WhatsApp daily, then a lot of space will be saved.

attached file

  • When the files attached with the email are downloaded, they are saved in the phone itself.
  • These files also occupy a lot of space in our phone.
  • Unnecessary attached files should be deleted.

clear cache

  • If you want to maintain the space in the phone, then you should keep clearing the cache.
  • Users of Android smartphones can clear the cache by going to Settings.
  • Clearing the cache also increases the storage of the smartphone to some extent.

iphone user

  • iPhone users go to the phone’s settings and click on General.
  • Then click on Storage and iCloud Storage.
  • Go to Main Storage. Here the phone’s storage and its division will be shown, delete the file which is not of use.

cloud storage

  • For space, you can use a cloud storage service.
  • You can save important photos, videos and files in cloud storage.

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