You can close this feature and hide whatsapp status, know what is the way

WhatsApp There are many such features about which not many people know. Nowadays whatever happens in our life, we tell our friends and relatives through WhatsApp Status. Along with this, we also check how many people have seen our status so far. But many times we want some people not to see our status, then they can hide their status from such people. Today we are telling you how to hide status on WhatsApp.

How to hide status on WhatsApp

To hide WhatsApp status, you have to turn off the Read Receipts option.

To close WhatsApp Read Receipts, first open WhatsApp.

Now go to the settings of WhatsApp.

Go to Privacy by tapping on Account here.

Here you will see the option of Read Receipts, which you have to close.

Please tell that after turning off the Read Receipts feature, some settings of WhatsApp will change.

With this, Blue Tick will not be visible when you send the message.

After turning off this feature, if someone sends you a message, the sender will not see your blue tick either.

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