Y-Brush, the “express” toothbrush that hits the mark

Two years ago, Benjamin Cohen took his first step towards success: his company Y-Brush was selected to present its innovation in Las Vegas, as part of the world’s largest electronics show, the Consumer Electronic Show ( THESE). Making the trip to the city of Nevada is the dream of all start-up creators, and he landed his ticket: in January 2019, he was one of the good ideas of French Tech noticed by financiers in the sector, such as Bpifrance. , the public bank which had invested from the start in its round table. His idea – which had not yet resulted in the final product – had already seduced social networks, after obtaining the support of several private investors: Benjamin Cohen wanted to revolutionize tooth brushing. At “l’Obs”, we also classified his company among the French nuggets in our annual article devoted to the high mass of new technologies.

At that time, Y-Brush was still in the experimental stage: to finance himself, Benjamin Cohen had launched pre-orders of his product on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter – especially popular in Anglo-Saxon countries -, and he had received enough of orders to launch the manufacture of its first models, in order to test them and improve them. If it missed the stage of production and the first deliveries, the start-up and its promises would disappear forever.

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