Xiaomi’s new power bank special for winter, will warm hands with phone charge

Nowadays, in view of the increasing use of phones, companies are also launching phone charging power banks. Sometimes these power banks are very useful during travel. Especially if you are fond of playing a movie or game on the way, then it is a useful thing for you. You can charge your phone anytime of the power bank. Chinese mobile company Xiaomi has now launched a power bank that is best for you in winter. With this power bank, you can heat your hands along with charging your phone. The company has launched it under the name ZMI Hand Warmer Power Bank. In this, you will get a 5,000mAh battery with quick charge support.

How ZMI Hand Warmer Power Bank will work
PTC type temperature heating technology has been used in this power bank so that it keeps hands warm. The company claims that it holds the controlled temperature maintenance. According to Xiaomi, this power bank heats up fast and Jinta is equally hot for the human body. The power bank can be maximally heated to 52 ° C. You can also heat your hands in cold weather.

Features of ZMI Hand Warmer Power Bank
Talking about the feature of this power bank, you can reduce or lower its temperature according to you. A temperature retainer for 2 to 4 hours. The company claims that it can full charge the iPhone 12 in 54 minutes. It has an LED light that you can use as a flashlight. Smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, smart bands and smart watch can be charged from this power bank. It charges fast with Apple’s 5W iPhone 12 charger.

ZMI Hand Warmer Power Bank Price
The price of ZMI Hand Warmer Power Bank is CNY 89 i.e. around Rs. 1,000. Right now it will be available only in China. I do not know when I will come to India

Although there are many types of power banks in the market. Which will give good charging support to your phone at about the same price. You will get Okamo 20,000 Mah Power Bank for 999 rupees. It has two USB ports. The price of the spacewalk power bank is also 999 rupees. The price of MSSE 20000 Mah Power Bank is also 999 rupees. At the same time, you will also find Phytrick 20000 Mah Power Bank, Columnet 20,000 Mah Power Bank, Deuce Power Big 20000 Mah Power Bank in the same price range.


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