Xavier Naidoo concert in Rostock: Mayor Madsen against citizenship

In Rostock there is a dispute about a planned concert by Xavier Naidoo!

Rostock’s Lord Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen (independent) has appealed against the decision of the city council not to allow a concert by the controversial singer Xavier Naidoo in August in the Rostock town hall.

In their last meeting on May 20, the city representatives were of the opinion that Naidoo was close to the citizens of the Reich and the QAnon movement and was stirring up racist resentment.

As the city announced on Wednesday, Madsen joined the legal concerns previously expressed by the city administration about the citizenship decision. Naidoo or his management were unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

Rostock’s Lord Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen (48) demands that the Xavier Naidoo concert take place – after the citizenship issued a performance ban in MayPhoto: picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentral

Public institutions such as the town hall are obliged to uphold the principle of equality, the city administration announced. No organizer or artist should be excluded because the landlord of facilities does not share their religious or political views.

The administration also argues that the city could lose its image if it were rejected. There are concerns about the implications for future, similar cases.

According to the city, Madsen’s objection has suspensive effect. The citizenship would look at the issue again at its next meeting. Should the local council stick to its opinion, the case could be submitted to the Ministry of the Interior as a local authority.

Xavier Naidoo concert in Rostock: Mayor Madsen against citizenship
Photo: BILD, staatenlos.info


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