Wrinkle-free thanks to … “Hottest grandma in the world” reveals her beauty secret

She says of herself that she is the “hottest grandma in the world”, now Gina Stewart (51) has revealed her alleged beauty secret.

In keeping with the season, it should be pumpkin. The Australian writes on her second Instagram account: “Did you know that pumpkins have incredible effects on health and beauty?”

The secret of Gina Stewart’s eternal youth are – klaaar – pumpkinsPhoto: ginastewarthealth / Instagram

The influencer then lists other advantages of the fruit vegetable, saying that it is suitable as a cholesterol killer, for cancer prevention and to strengthen the immune system. Pumpkins also contain various ingredients for the fight against aging, “and the antioxidants make the skin look wrinkle-free and radiantly healthy”.

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Why the mother of four children and grandmother of at least one grandson then has to edit her posts on Instagram with the help of filters will remain her secret.

With her, everything is real except for the breasts, the Australian assures

With her, everything is real except for the breasts, the Australian assuresPhoto: ginastewarthealth / Instagram

When Gina Stewart presented her new Nackedei calendar two years ago, the 51-year-old emphasized: Everything about her is pure nature – she only had the breasts operated a few years ago.

Whoever believes it …

But anyway, the Australian’s health tips don’t seem to get caught up in the same way as the rest of the content: her eco-account is not followed by 1200 people, while the main account is followed by more than 312,000 fans.

There the “hottest grandma in the world” posts – who would have thought it – a lot of bare skin.

The comments under the health tips show that there seems to be a certain overlap between the followers of both Instagram profiles. One user writes: “They are really juicy pumpkins!” Several others comment with flame and heart emojis.

After all: a female fan says he wants to make pumpkin soup. Another asks for a recipe …


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