Wrestling madly turned to fight, 2 athletes received a memorable ending

Friday, December 4, 2020, 13:57 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Wrestling turned to fighting again, 2 athletes had to receive an appropriate punishment.

Video two wrestlers rushing to fight dust bags

Wrestling and martial arts are two completely different subjects, but the two young athletes have turned the above two contents into 1. The match of the Russian Young Wrestling Championship weighs 92 kg male, between boxer Babuli Tsoloev Babuli Tsoloev’s match was going intense.

Two wrestlers rushed to fight

It seemed the two were dissatisfied with each other so they had a heated reaction at the beginning of the match. From wrestling, they turned to fierce fighting, forcing the two coaches and the referee to stop.

In the end, the match had to end early and both of these fighters were disqualified. They will face heavy fines set by the Russian National Federation for this incident. According to RT (Russia), two wrestlers continued to fight in the dressing room, so they had to send supervisors.

Source: http: //danviet.vn/dang-dau-vat-noi-dien-chuyen-sang-danh-nhau-2-vdv-nhan-cai-ket-nho-doi-5020204 …

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