World’s tallest family

AmericaThe Trapp family of Esko, Minnesota set a Guinness World Record with an average height of 2.03 meters.

The tallest and youngest member of the family is 22-year-old Adam Trapp. This basketball player has a height of 2.21 meters, surpassing his parents and siblings in the family. Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, 27, is the second tallest at 2 meters, while the youngest Molly Steede, 24, is 1.98 meters tall.

Like Adam, Savanna and Molly also played sports from childhood to adulthood. All three were selected by the university to be on the basketball or volleyball team. The story was just shared by the Guinness World Record on April 13.

The Trapp family of five has an average height of 2.03 meters. Image: Daily Record

Since childhood, the Trapp brothers have grown taller than their peers. “In first grade, I was taller than my teacher,” Scott said.

Increasingly, their height causes them to have more and more problems such as the skin not developing to keep up with the bones and joints, suffering through low doors, not knowing how to bend your legs when sitting in the car… In the street, Their family also became the focus of attention because of their oversized height.

The Trapp brothers are largely inherited from their parents. Mrs. Krissy is the shortest in the family but is also 1.91 meters tall, while the father is 2.02 meters tall.

Dr. Anna Sudoh measures Adam Trapp's height.  Photo:

Dr. Anna Sudoh measures Adam Trapp’s height. Image:

In December 2020, five people went to see orthopedist Dr. Anna Sudoh for a check-up. Each person was measured three times a day, both standing up and lying down, to determine the exact average height.

They were surprised and excited when they found out that they were listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The Trapp family hopes the world’s recognition will make up for its limitations of being too tall. “Friends and family are so proud of us and love to mention us to show off they know a world record holder,” Savanna happily said.

The Trapp family members hope that the record they received will empower other people with a difference in the world. “My family wants the world to know that any outward characteristics should not be used to define a person. We should only judge people by their depths,” said one Trapp family member.

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