World famous tiger martial arts: Which sect is comparable to the famous Shaolin?

(Sports news, martial arts news) There is a martial arts sect in Indonesia that has a unique and dangerous tiger card that is said to be as powerful as the “Tiger martial arts” of the Shaolin school (China).

Shaolin monks practice Tiger Fist:

According to the concept of East Asians, the tiger is a symbol of strength and fighting ability, aggressiveness, majesty but also cunning, cunning, recklessness and a very high fighting spirit. . Therefore, in the traditional martial arts of many ethnic groups, the tiger is one of the mascots with a dominant position.

Shaolin’s image of the right is the cradle of “Tiger fist” in China

Many countries have created unique martial arts from the battles between humans and tigers, witnessing with their own eyes the scenes of tigers fighting or hunting. Since then, they have accumulated and supplemented their nation’s fighting techniques with unique martial arts and blows. In addition to the Vietnamese martial arts village, the most famous for tiger-related exercises are China and Indonesia.

There is a view that tiger martial arts was born in China. Since the 2nd century AD in China, there has appeared the song “Five jin yi” of Hua Tu, which simulates the movements of a tiger. Then there is the famous Shaolin Sect, including the song “Tiger Kung Fu” created by monks when monitoring the activities of this animal.

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“Tiger, cranes, but right” created by Hoang Phi Hong, who gathered the quintessence of martial arts from different families

Since then, a series of other sets of legal rights related to tigers have also been born such as the Five Figures, the Ten Figures, the Tigers and the Tigers by Hong Hy Quan, the Cranes but the rights of Hoang Phi Hong, the Figurines, the Twelve. The martial arts of Xing Yiquan (Shaolin martial arts), Lam Dao Thai’s Bach Ho Quyen specializes in hitting the death grave, derived from observing the battle between the white tiger and the gorilla, China’s Zhujia has special moves. Xiao Xuyen Tiger and Tiger Leopard Quyen, Manh Tiger came out of Bach Mi Quyen, Nam Quyen, Phach Quy Quyen,….

The tiger fist is classified in the group of stubborn people because of its fierce nature. In China’s Five Martial Arts, the tiger is in second place, after the dragon, including the Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Crane, and Leopard. To practice tiger boxing, Shaolin monks have to practice grasping, poking sandbags, crawling up and down stairs with their bare hands to exercise strength in their wrists, hands and fingers. In addition, you also have to practice the ability to bounce high in order to launch the most powerful mallet attacks.

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Shaolin monks have to practice hard to promote the power of the Tiger Fist

In Indonesia, Pencak Silat also imitates the movements of animals, including the Silat Harimau style, which originated from witnessing a fight between a tiger and an eagle.

Harimau is a family in Sumatra, considered the strangest and rarest school of Pencak Silat. A match of Harimau usually takes place close to the ground with the boxers down and stooping like tigers hunting for prey.

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Silat Harimau sect, which originated from witnessing a tiger vs eagle fight

Harimau fighters often move slowly with a muscular body and a clear mind to impress the viewers. Harimau’s battles usually begin with attacks close to the wet and slippery ground. This form of fighting requires boxers to have great strength along with the flexibility of the hips and the stability of the legs.

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Harimau fighters usually fight on wet and slippery ground

In addition, Japan’s Karatedo, India’s Kalari also have quite typical tiger-based exercises and poses. In Karate, the tiger is also seen as a symbol of strength and courage and inspired Master Gichin Funakoshi to create the Shotokan style of the Shotokai school.

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Tiger is a creative inspiration in many other martial arts such as Karate of Japan or Kalari of India

A unique martial art style created by humans from the tiger, called “buffalo posture”, applied from the fact that when the tiger fights, it often lies on its back, raising its four legs to the sky to kill its prey, if the prey or a human who accidentally jumps in to attack will be hit with a fatal blow.


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