Working people under 25 will be able to benefit from housing assistance of 1,000 euros

This is good news for young workers. Guest on the LCI set, the Minister in charge of Housing, Emmanuelle Wargon, announced that the relocation bonus of 1,000 euros announced in 2018 would be extended to those under 25 from February 18.

It is an aid to the installation of young workers », Specified the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Ecological Transition. A welcome boost because, according to a recent survey carried out by Ipsos for the Abbé-Pierre Foundation, more than a third (35%) of young people fear they will have difficulty paying their rent in 2021.

Four required criteria

Four criteria are required to be able to benefit from this assistance: be under 25 (except for work-study students), receive a salary “Less than 1,300 or 1,400 euros” according to Emmanuelle Wargon, being a tenant and having been active for less than eighteen months.

Unemployment: “For young people, the impact of the crisis is much stronger”

On the other hand, the aid is not conditional on the type of employment contract. A young person starting in professional life with a work contract whatever it is (CDD, CDI or interim) will be able to receive this aid if he meets the four criteria.

“It’s a little boost to the installation which is welcome in this period”, said the minister.

“It is essential to support the people in greatest difficulty. […] Young people are in a difficult situation today, so helping them when they settle down, when they have a job, so that they can start in life well, when they arrive in their first home, that’s good. “

To receive this allowance, you must submit a request within three months at most after the effective date of the lease or occupancy agreement. The process is done online on the Action Logement website. According to estimates from Action Logement, 30,000 young people entering employment should thus be able to benefit from this new aid, specifies “Family File”.

“The RSA for those under 25 is to suppress the rights of youth”

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