Woman selling house with ex-husband

AmericaDespite the separation, Ms. Crystal Ball still wants her ex-husband to have a place to live, so the announcement will reduce the price for the new owner if he accepts the ex-husband to stay.

Crystal Ball, 43, and Richard Chaillou, 54, have just divorced after seven years of marriage. The two still maintain a good relationship, take care of their children together and cooperate in a number of businesses.

A real estate agent owner, Crytall is selling two homes in the Panama City Beach, Florida area. One of these has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pool, hot tub, and an ex-husband.

The reason why Crystal sold Richard was because “He and I both have our own problems, but we’ve sorted it out and want the best for each other”.

Richard poses humorously in the house for sale. Image: Nypost

She does not force buyers to receive Richard, but can choose to add him if they want to reduce the price. “This property costs $699,000, but will be reduced if he can stay. Don’t worry, he is not a parasite,” she wrote.

In the images, the ex-husband poses with a stuffed tiger, showing off his supple muscles. In addition to the fun pictures, Crystal says Richard will help cook, clean and do all the repairs around the house. “This desirable man is an excellent chef. He can always serve top-notch meals,” she said.

Ex-wife Crystal is selling her house, but still wants to let her ex-husband stay at home.  Photo: Nypost

Ex-wife Crystal is selling her house, but still wants to let her ex-husband stay at home. Image: Nypost

As someone who always has creative marketing strategies, Crystal sees this as a suitable way to announce a divorce and sell a home. However, the listing agents deleted her post several times for “violating the guidelines”. Still, the mother-of-two said selling a home with a tenant was in line with state law.

In general, her way of selling houses received a lot of positive feedback. She hopes someone sees the funny side of it, buying both the house and Richard as soon as possible.

Bao Nhien (According to Nypost)


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