Woman (36) brutally abused: Police are chasing this knife rapist

Meissen (Saxony) – This brutal act is stunned! The police are now looking for a particularly serious rape in Meissen with a mugshot for the alleged perpetrator.

“The man is said to have approached a 36-year-old woman in the parking lot of the Elbe Center on Niederauer Strasse in Meissen on August 12, 2021, around 12:05 p.m.,” said a police spokesman on Friday.

The woman followed the man to his matte black car, which she later described as a so-called dog catcher. Then the stranger suddenly pulled a knife, pushed her through the side door into the interior of the vehicle and closed the door.

There he continued to threaten his victim with a knife and raped her.

Despite extensive investigations, the alleged rapist has not yet been caught. That is why the public prosecutor and the police are now turning to the public and asking: Who knows the shown person? Who can provide information about the whereabouts of this person on August 12, 2021? Who can provide information on the current whereabouts of the person? Who can provide information about the crime vehicle?

Notes to: Tel. 0351 483 22 33

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