With trousers and humor, two Berlin women fight against “man spreading” in public transport

Berlin – Two Berlin students are doing politics with trousers and humorous gestures: Elena Buscaino (26) and Mina Bonakdar (25) want to set an example against male dominance with the “Riot Pant Project”.

Slogans can be seen on the pants when the wearer spreads their legs: “Stop Spreading” or “Give Us Space”. So the message is: stop spreading and give us space.

The background: When men sit down and spread out while sitting on the bus or train, this has been called “manspreading” for some years. There have already been campaigns in cities like New York, Madrid and Vienna against this “spreading of the man”.

There was no direct reason for the anti-manspreading project for the two students. “The key moment is that it happens every day,” says Buscaino. They describe the effect of the slogans and the opening of the legs as follows: The sexualization is eliminated, the sayings are protection and give strength.

They have received a lot of encouragement from friends. In response to criticism that there are more important problems, they say that the question is what can be done. “One problem does not negate the other,” says Buscaino.


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