With this latest feature of WhatsApp, you can quickly search for photos, videos, links and documents

new Delhi: Popular messaging app WhatsApp every year launches many features to improve the experience of its users. By using these features, users can not only save their time, but can do very important work easily. In the year 2020, WhatsApp launched all such features, which are quite advanced. If you want to search any file, photo or video in WhatsApp now, you can use Advance Search feature. With this you can search the exact file in a few seconds.

How it works or features

First of all, you have to open WhatsApp. On top of this, you will see a search option. When you click on the search option, you will see 6 options for photos, videos, links, gifs, audio and documents. Click on the file from which you want to search. For example, if you want to search a photo, then click on the photo option.

Can search by name

Now all those photos that you have sent or received through WhatsApp will come before you. Photos will appear at the top which you have recently sent or received. Also, another search option will appear above the photo. If you remember the name of the photo, you will get that photo immediately after putting it in the search option. Remember here that you will get only those photos which you have not deleted. Once you delete the photo from WhatsApp, the photo will not appear in the search option.

Can also check

Apart from this feature, you can also see who has sent which photo. When you do a photo search, an option will appear in front of you. On clicking that option, you will see the photo and the name of the contact who sent it. From this you can find out who has sent which photo. This feature of WhatsApp is quite useful. To search any photo first, you had to search for that contact, after that, you had to look at the photo. Now this work is done in secades.


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