With rain and sleet: New storm low hits Berlin at the weekend!

Berlin – The weather remains stormy and uncomfortable: At the weekend, people in Berlin and Brandenburg have to reckon with showers and isolated thunderstorms.

A new storm low will move from west to east on Saturday morning, as a spokesman for the German Weather Service (DWD) said. At first it rains only lightly when it is cloudy, but then there are more showers during the day.

From late morning on, stormy gusts of wind are expected to move across the west of Brandenburg, according to the DWD’s forecast. In the afternoon there could be individual thunderstorms with sleet. The maximum temperatures should be around ten degrees.

Rainproof clothing is also advisable on Sundays. According to the information it will be alternating to heavily cloudy, the meteorologists expect frequent rain showers. There are fresh west winds and locally stormy gusts at maximum temperatures of nine degrees.

It is unlikely that so-called Mammatus clouds can be seen over Berlin again. For the natural spectacle of Thursday evening to repeat itself, it would need “a lot of luck,” said the spokesman for the DWD.

On Thursday evening, low-hanging, downward-curved Mammatus clouds in Berlin caused a rare weather spectacle.


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