With Juice, “we want to reinvent the use of audio”

Free yourself from your screen, and fly with your own ears “, Launches the Juice application right away. This new software for Android smartphones and iPhones is the latest idea from multi-entrepreneur Rafi Haladjian. Now 60 years old, the creator of FranceNet, one of the first Internet operators, and of the communicating rabbit Nabaztag, returns with an application dedicated to information, only in audio form. “To live free, without a screen”, claims the app.

In early 2017, I was having dinner with a friend who told me he had a hearing aid. And it was a revelation: this little invisible device is able to add a layer to the outside world. We then abandoned Google Glass [lunettes connectées, NDLR] and I saw the possibility of some kind of audio augmented reality, a benevolent Jiminy Cricket-style guide [le grillon du « Pinocchio » de Disney] whispering in my ear.

In parallel, Apple had just launched its white wireless AirPods headphones, soon to be the height of cool, and which give a whole new dimension to the idea of ​​Rafi Haladjian. This new generation of headphones appears as connected hearing aids, distributed everywhere – from college to retiree, from delivery man to trader -, and socially accepted – it is less embarrassing to chat with someone with headphones than connected glasses. And, good news for the Jiminy Cricket 2.0 concept: if Apple integrates its voice assistant Siri with AirPods (and Google, its Assistant with co

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