“With Brexit, the Eurotunnel is experimenting with the frontier of the future”

How far away it seems, the time when Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the Channel Tunnel at the wheel of her Rolls Royce Phantom… On the eve of Brexit, this highly strategic crossing point – a quarter of trade between the Kingdom – United and continental Europe transits through it – has adopted an innovative “smart border”, ie a digital border ready to be duplicated elsewhere in the world. Because if it is primarily intended to facilitate the flow of goods, this “smart border” was also designed to complicate the passage of migrants to the English El Dorado …

Paradoxically, Brexit has allowed us to develop automated systems that will certainly become widespread elsewhere in the world. Moreover, we do not hide our intention to market them afterwards », Indicates Jacques Gounon, CEO of Getlink (ex-Eurotunnel). INTERVIEW.

Faced with Brexit, the Eurotunnel has turned into a digital fortress

First of all, a word on the Brexit agreement, ratified in extremis on December 30. What will be the concrete consequences for the Channel Tunnel?

It’s almost disappointing, but I don’t see what Brexit will change for our business. The non-reintroduction of tariffs means that there will be no brake on economic activity. On the passenger side, perhaps a Frenchman who wants to enter Great Britain will need a passport and not an identity card. But currently, 99% of people q

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