With 101 knife wounds – elementary school teacher murdered by ex-pupil after 30 years

Brussels Belgium) – Was she too strict? Was he too cheeky? Nobody knows. Only one thing is certain: she was a teacher, he was a student. He murdered her after 30 years because he apparently felt bullied by her in the second grade…

A man, 37, has confessed to killing his former elementary school teacher because he felt humiliated by her at the time. The killer, who has since been arrested, told investigators that the teacher spoiled his second year at school. According to media reports, which refer to statements by classmates, there should have been regular humiliation in the class.

► The case: The brutally disfigured body of Maria (called Mieke) Verlinden (59) was found in November 2020 in her house in Herentals near Antwerp. The perpetrator had stabbed her 101 times with a knife. She was lying in a huge pool of blood in the kitchen.

Nothing was stolen from the victim’s apartment, Mieke’s wallet was still on the dining table. Investigators were puzzled. DNA comparisons with traces of blood found at the crime scene initially yielded no result – 435 analyzes were carried out. The police then expanded the investigation.

Then the breakthrough! The 37-year-old killer confided in a friend, knowing that as a former student he would also be asked for a sample. This informed the police. A DNA test confirmed he was at the crime scene.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday and is now in custody for murder. Further details are not known.


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