Wirecard lawsuits: dispute over jurisdiction decided

Munich / Nuremberg / Stuttgart – The dispute over who is responsible for claims for damages by shareholders in connection with the Wirecard bankruptcy has been decided.

The Munich Regional Court now has to deal with the lawsuits surrounding the insolvency scandal, which are only directed against the Stuttgart-based auditor EY. The higher regional court (OLG) Stuttgart announced on Tuesday. (Ref .: 12 AR 6/21 to 12 AR 17/21).

It is a fundamental decision, said an OLG spokeswoman. It is true that every individual case that is presented to the regional court in Stuttgart will be examined in the future. But then one would refer to this fundamental decision and refer to Munich.

Previously, the Stuttgart Regional Court had given the approximately 140 cases to the Munich court with the argument that it was not locally competent. The Munich court, in turn, also declared that it was not responsible and initially submitted “requests to determine the place of jurisdiction” in 21 cases.

Munich was already responsible because the legal dispute had previously been referred there with binding effect, according to the OLG spokeswoman.

EY had audited the allegedly falsified Wirecard balance sheets for years until 2018. The complaints are based on the fact that the EY examiners were not careful in doing so and thus violated their obligations. The now broken up Wirecard Group filed for bankruptcy on June 25th last year. Hundreds of Wirecard civil lawsuits are pending at the Munich Regional Court.


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