Wine, forest, art: alternative investments for reassurance

When everything is uncertain, “tangible” investments are reassuring. Purchased to diversify heritage, vines, forests and art today have the advantage of being uncorrelated from erratic developments in financial markets. In addition, they sometimes offer appreciable valuation potential. While initially a matter of pleasure, these investments should not be made lightly. Here are some tips to get started without too many disappointments.

Buying a wine property “solo” is possible for a wealthy individual: you have to be able to put several (tens of) millions of euros on the table … Nothing is lost for those with more modest budgets. Attracted by investment in wine, savers have the opportunity to invest through collective tools called groupement foncier viticole (GFV). Marketed by specialized companies, these funds raise money from dozens of private investors in order to buy in the major production regions (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne) either all the land in a domain, or one or more several adjoining plots. Then, these lands are leased with a long-term rural lease (at least twenty-five years) to an existing winegrower.

The return on this investment is variable geometry. Between 1.5 and 2.5%, it is not huge compared to other more traditional products. In general, the more prestigious the wine, m

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