Wiesn boss does not rule out anything: Hot rumors about Oktoberfest in summer

Munich – Two years without a Oktoberfest. A catastrophe for landlords, the economy and the Bavarian way of life.

And 2022? Written in the stars. Delta, Omikron, the corona mutations never end and the next autumn wave will come as surely as the amen in church. No good omen for a Oktoberfest in 2022.

But the city can no longer afford to be canceled again. There are rumors and mind games – you could bring the Oktoberfest forward to the summer.

Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner (44) on BILD: “Our whole focus is on making the Oktoberfest happen again. We will check whether an earlier start date makes sense, provided that it is the will of those involved and the population. “

And what do the Oktoberfest hosts say?

Silja Steinberg (49) from the Hofbräu festival tent: “Better to have a Oktoberfest in summer than none at all. In principle, I would have no problem with bringing the party forward a few weeks. “

Michael Käfer is finally hoping to move into the Oktoberfest with his wife Clarissa again in 2022


Michael Käfer (63) says: “The way the Oktoberfest was, it has to take place. If you move it forward a week – I could live with that. But I don’t think it’s possible to move forward to August. “

“P1” boss Franz Rauch (58) has an interesting approach: “You could prefer the Oktoberfest and extend it by a week with the Wirtshaus-Wiesn. It was a great success. Otherwise I see everything that the Oktoberfest takes place only positively. ”


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