Why we must remain cautious in the next economic recovery

The shock has taken place. An earthquake of unparalleled magnitude in the history of modern capitalism. It is as usual from the “blind spot” that the accident came, adding a new chapter to the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, “the Black Swan”, who theorized the unforeseen. The treatment was up to par, a mountain of cash in all its forms.

We are also seeing the immediate beneficial effects, the global economic “patient” is doing well. The financial system is not seized up, on the contrary, borrowing rates have never been so low. The impact on individual unemployment has been cushioned. Savings have grown. The companies are supported to pass the course: some even enjoy an abundant cash flow which shows an investment delay. Most of the stock markets have returned to record levels… Not to mention the stratospheric soaring of bitcoin and Tesla stock!

5 questions to understand bitcoin madness

But beware: in front of these

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