Why the green town hall of Bordeaux wants to ban advertising screens in its shops

They are seen more and more in the windows of the city centers, but they could soon disappear in some places. The purpose of digital advertising screens is to bait the barge, but these signs consume energy and emit CO2 – some 245 kilos of CO equivalent2 per year, according to the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). That is to say the equivalent of a little over a week of an average French broadcast.

This is why elected officials from several green municipalities have called for a change in the law in order to have the right to ban these screens – which they cannot currently do without infringing on private property. In the midst of a pandemic, when small businesses are penalized compared to online sales sites, was there not a better time to act?

Claudine Bichet, first deputy (EELV) at the City of Bordeaux, explains the choice of her team.

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