Why should you not use a towel to wipe your face?

Most of us think that the toilet seat is the most bacteria-filled place in the house, but it’s actually the towel.

Wipes cause acne

Towels are a reservoir for bacteria because most people store them in the bathroom, where the humid air is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Wiping a towel on your face means you’re putting all these bacteria directly onto your skin, causing breakouts and clogging pores.

Even if you’re using a separate towel for your face and not for your body, you may not be doing your daily laundry or drying it right away. This is an opportunity for unwanted bacteria to attack the skin.

Using a washcloth can also cause skin redness and irritation.

Fast aging

Towels are very rough, if scrubbed vigorously, it can cause small tears in the skin, causing skin infections and wrinkles. The more washing, the more brittle the fabric and the friction created as an exfoliating agent, greatly affecting the skin.

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Reducing the effectiveness of skin care products

Drying your face after washing it seems natural, but in reality, it will make the skin unable to absorb the maximum of the skin care products you apply. The moisturizer will penetrate the skin better as the water evaporates from the face.

Therefore, it is advisable to stop drying your face with a towel to retain the necessary moisture, helping the skin to look young and radiant.

Oily skin

It seems like a contradiction, but the more you wipe the skin, the more greasy it becomes. Dry towels strip the skin of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. The sebaceous glands under the skin’s surface will have to produce more oil to balance the dry, oily skin.

A simple and effective way to dry your face without a towel is to wash your face as usual, then let your skin dry naturally and then apply your favorite moisturizer.

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